Fabric is 55% hemp & 45% organic cotton. Strap material is 100% hemp webbing.

Rectangle Sandbag measures 8″ x 17″

Round Sandbag measures 9″ round

Rice filling insert is 10 lbs for our rectangle sandbag & 5 lbs. for our round sandbag.

Size & Style

8" x 17" Rectangle Sandbag, 9" Round Sandbag


White, Black, Khaki, Forest Green

Filling Insert

Yes, No, I will supply my own filling


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The Sandbag

Our yoga sandbags come in two different styles. The larger of the two, the rectangle sandbag, has a two-strap design for easy placement gently draping over the hips, the thighs, or along the spine. The round sandbag has a single strap across the center & is intended for targeting smaller areas of the body such as the shoulders or hands.

We offer our sandbags with & without the rice filling insert so that you have the flexibility to stuff your bolster with beans, buckwheat hulls, or whatever you so choose.

Looking for an extra grounding practice? Our rice filling inserts can be removed from the machine-washable shell. Just before your practice, slip the filling insert out of the shell & place it in the microwave for 30-45 seconds to heat. If you’re in the mood for some aromatherapy, spritz or dot the insert with your favorite essential oil before putting back in the shell for your practice.


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