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Hemp is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, & moisture absorbent

Each of our bolsters are carefully handcrafted for your comfort. In addition to being naturally absorbent, anti-bacterial, & anti-microbial, the bolster cover can be easily removed & washed.


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Developing a sustainable yoga practice

Using props in our yoga practice is a respectful acknowledgement of ourselves, our body, & our practice. Props allow us to accommodate our individual flexibility levels while tuning into & listening to our internal, sensory ques. 

We will often carry physical tension & mental stress as experienced through our sympathetic nervous system (sometimes referred to as “fight-or-flight” mode), when we do not feel safe or sense a threat. Our bodies channel the “fight-or-flight” mode largely in response to highly stressful or survival situations. Until our bodies perceive that the threat or danger has passed, our brain continues to release hormones that keep us on high-alert & ready for intense physical activity – to “fight” or “flight”.

In moving slowly & being gentle with our bodies, we target a grounding energy, the parasympathetic nervous system (sometimes referred to as the “rest & digest” response), which tends to slow our heart rate, producing an overall sense of calm & relaxation. Essentially, we tell our bodies to turn down the stress response as stimulated by the sympathetic nervous system through the physical cues of moving slowly, gently, quietly, & generally creating an atmosphere that allows us to feel safe, warm, & supported. By using props, we create a safe environment & communicate this safety with our bodies. This comfort & reassurance cues our bodies to release any engagement in our myofascial system as we melt into our practice through the yin yoga poses. 

Here are just a few questions that may help guide us in our internal exploration of our physical bodies as it relates to our restorative yoga practice:  

  • What does this pose feel like in my body today? 
  • Do both sides feel the same or is one side more flexible today? 
  • Does one side feel stronger than the other today?
  • What sensations do I feel when practicing this pose today?
  • What emotions or thoughts do I have when practicing this pose today?
Using props allows us to prioritize our focus on these sensory cues while allowing us to feel safe & supported in our physical bodies.

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