At the Stitchery

We’re always working on new projects here at Sustainable Stitchery.  I sew all products on my fully-restored 1910 Singer treadle sewing machine. Sewing on my treadle allows me time to reflect on who may have sewn on my machine before me, and what they may have created. I very much enjoy the character of the stitchery it produces. 

In addition to reflecting on the past, it shifts my mind to conservation efforts for our future. I choose to stitch with sustainable textiles that help preserve our natural eco-system. At Sustainable Stitchery, we handcraft high-quality products made of sustainable materials like hemp, organic cotton, & natural latex. 


Jack Herer

Cannabis Rights Activist

Regenerative Hemp

“Hemp is Earth’s number-one biomass resource; it is capable of producing 10 tons per acre in four months.”