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regenerative hemp

Hemp is the Cannabis sativa L. plant & has been grown for thousands of years on nearly every continent. It requires very little water & land. As a textile, Hemp has been shown to be an incredibly earth-friendly fabric. 

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Crop Rotation

Monocropping has become an increasing problem in response to our need to feed an increasing human population. Our lack of truly sustainable processes has left much of our land too toxic to sustain life. Hemp acts as a  regenerative tool to nourish our depleted soils.

Roots Run Deep

Hemp’s roots grow deep into the soil which allows for loosening & aeration of the soil while providing structure to hold the soil together & prevent erosion. Hemp is also a high biomass crop & feeds nutrients back into the ground as it decomposes.

Heal Our Soil

Bioremediation is the process of using living things, like hemp, to heal our soil. Industrial hemp can actually pull toxins from the soil & in that process, clean the soil & water after industrial accidents & pollution. It was even used to help decontaminate the polluted soil after the Chernobyl  nuclear disaster.

Co2 Reduction

Ocean & sea levels are rising due to the greenhouse effect. Just as planting trees can help with carbon sequestration, so can Industrial Hemp. In fact, it has been shown to trap & hold more CO2 than any commercial crop at a whopping 1.62 tons of CO2 sequestration per ton of hemp. 

Yoga Accessories

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Sustainable Home

We carefully handcraft our products from natural materials for your sustainable home.




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As it stands, there is palpable tension between the state of our physical environment & the expected longevity of resources given the rate at which we are currently consuming. The erosion of our planet has been rapidly accelerated by our human presence. The evidence is shown in our warming global temperature, our rising, plastic-filled oceans, our shrinking forests, & our trash-laden beaches. As a human populous, we need to unite on actionable items & holistically commit to a more sustainable lifestyle. We need to heal our earth & secure a safe, abundant for future generations.